Performance on the Front-end

The web, by its very nature and design, is synchronous. Things are parsed and executed as soon as they are reached, and there are some very important things to note about how CSS and JavaScript work in front-end web development:

  • CSS blocks rendering
  • Assets download in parallel, except Javascript
  • JavaScript blocks downloads

Now, while this might instill a sense of “wat” in you, it’s all done for good (and smart) reasons, and it’s also be something that all front-end devs should be aware of.

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A new Octopress theme

Allow me to introduce to you a new Octopress theme, called Oscailte!

Oscailte is an important milestone for me for many reasons. First of all, it’s my first step into creating a theme usable by anybody, not just by me on my own sites! Yay! Secondly, it’s the first open-source project that I’ve put out into the great wild web, free for all to download and scrutinise through Github!

But enough about all of this, let’s move on to getting the theme up and running. These installation instructions are available in the theme’s README file which will have the most up-to-date instructions.

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