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Blazing-fast web fonts

I occasionally have the same back-and-forth with a colleague in work (let’s call him Tim) who insists that everything we build should only be designed and built using System Fonts, citing poor performance and bloat as a reason not to use Web Fonts.

Dynamic Mapping of URLs to Filesystem Locations with Apache

We’ve recently jumped into the world of Jenkins Multibranch Pipelines for one of the products we build in CarTrawler, and we couldn’t be much happier with the speed and flexibility it provides - allowing us to test, build, and deploy branches asynchronously and at scale without having to rely on a particular “build” branch, enabling us to test and demo features on our staging environment in isolation from other features.

Oscailte 2.0 and Open Source

It’s been just over a year since I first released Oscailte into the wild. And since then, I’ve not only learned a few things about working with Octopress and creating themes for it, but I’ve also learned a lot about managing my code, its structure, and in general how to make my life easier when creating projects.

Performance on the Front-end

The web, by its very nature and design, is synchronous. Things are parsed and executed as soon as they are reached, and there are some very important things to note about how CSS and JavaScript work in front-end web development: