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Stephen Coogan

Front-end Web Developer living in Dublin, Ireland.
I occasionally build pretty things with my fingers.
Dreams in code - kinda like PTSD. Help me…

Cliffs of Moher, by Alessandro Farese (by-nc-nd)

Design & development

Need a website designed and built from scratch? No problem. I’ve got you covered. Just looking to have something designed (or redesigned)? No problem, I can do that for you too. Just hit me up! We’ll have a natter.

Content management system

Your website and its content are all yours. Whether it’s a development from the ground up or you already have a site that you want to migrate to a CMS, I can make it so that you can update your site at a time that suits you — quickly and easily!

Great tasting coffee

I make a great coffee. Seriously.
Don’t like coffee? That’s alright, not everyone can be awesome. I make a great cup of tea, too! None of that “green” tea stuff, though. Eugh.